Drug & Alcohol Training Program for T&L Businesses



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Course Overview

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offence and can lead to serious accidents. Therefore, Department of Transportation mandates that all employees who are subject to DOT's Drug and Alcohol Testing program be trained on DOT Drug and Alcohol Training. This Drug and Alcohol Testing course meets and exceeds the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) employee training requirements Our program is structured as per DOT training requirements under section in 49 CFR Part 382, and 49 CFR Part 40 to help you get DOT compliant. The primary objective of the controlled substances use and alcohol misuse program for employees is deterrence rather than detection. Raising awareness among drivers about the impact of alcohol and controlled substances on health, safety, and the work environment is crucial for promoting public safety. By ensuring drivers understand these effects; we can best serve the goal of maintaining a safe and secure environment for everyone. This course is will educate your employees about the indicators and consequences of substance abuse and alcohol misuse in the transportation industry and the US laws that relate to drug and alcohol testing. Employees will learn what their rights and obligations are in a DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. It also saves you time on admin tasks and helps employees learn more through interaction and engagement.

What will I learn?

Our highly detailed and Visually engaging training is designed as per DOT training requirements under section in 49 CFR Part 382, and 49 CFR Part 40 to help you get DOT compliant. It covers:
The Return-to-duty process, as required under the DOT Part 40 regulations
Who is subject to the DOT's drug and alcohol testing rules and when
DOT's drug testing and alcohol testing processes
Employee Responsibilities
Consequences for Positive tests and Refusals to test
Different types of substances (drugs) that are used and abused
How these substances affect a person's health, abilities, performance, etc.
The effects of Alcohol Abuse
Personal and professional issues caused by alcohol use and drug abuse
The role of the substance abuse professional (SAP)
Record-keeping, records access, and confidentiality



Course Content

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