HazMat General Awareness Training 2023



01 Hour


Course Overview

As per the FMCSA and DOT, it becomes very critical for all HazMat employees to take formal General Awareness Training relating to hazardous materials and it is mandatory for everyone associated with Hazmat transportation. This course is going to talk about the importance, emergence, meaning, and classification of hazardous material handling in addition to explaining what these materials are and how they are classified into various categories. The HazMat handlers and drivers will also learn about all the potential risks associated with them, hazard communication requirements, hazardous materials regulations, package handling, moving, storing, and labeling as well among many other things.

What will I learn?

Detailed hazardous materials regulations related to packaging, marking, labeling, and placarding
How to read and interpret hazmat shipping papers, safety protocols, and security measures
How to read and interpret hazmat shipping papers, safety protocols, and security measures
Proper protocols for loading, unloading, or managing hazardous materials
How to coordinate shipping & receiving departments
Learning how to open and transfer hazmat packages safely
How to maintain the safety or security of hazardous materials and everyone handling them
Learning the basics of safeguarding public well-being
How to establish your commitment to environmental guardianship
Learning how to become guardians of the workforce
Honing your rapid emergency response in case of hazmat leaks and spills



Course Content

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