Introduction to HazMat



05 Minutes


Course Overview

The hazardous materials training is very critical and the various categories, divisions, and definitions of hazardous materials are challenging to understand as well. But this course makes everything easier for you. You will be able to learn about the various categories of hazardous materials that you are allowed to transport as a company working in this sector. You will learn about the different types of gases, liquids, semi-solids, and explosives that are hazardous in certain quantities and concentrations. This course will also tell you about the various permits and exemptions, mode of handling, vehicle category permissible, and other guidelines issued by the federal government to transport these materials.

What will I learn?

Different hazmat categories, classes, and divisions
Hazardous materials storage procedures
Safety protocols and exposure prevention
Basics of handling hazardous materials
Basics of labeling and transferring these materials across storage
Investing in the right protective gear for everyone handling these materials
Detecting leakages anywhere these materials are kept
Medical measures to take in case of exposures and accidents



Course Content

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