Is Your Business Drug And Alcohol Testing Compliant?



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Course Overview

In this chapter, you will learn how to keep your business drug and alcohol testing compliant. You will learn how to carry out various testing procedures so that you can maintain the highest level of safety for everybody working in your organization. This chapter explains pre-employment testing, random testing, testing program obligations, and practical considerations, among many other topics. It will also guide you on how to find a substance abuse professional and will train you on various preventive measures for substance abuse in the workplace. This chapter also talks about creating your own drug and alcohol testing policy that is customized to your needs and can be implemented easily across your company.

What will I learn?

Importance of drug and alcohol compliance for your business
Drug and alcohol policy creation for your company
Testing procedures for all safety-sensitive position holders
Important rules, regulations, and official interpretations on drug and alcohol testing
The evaluation and treatment procedures required to enable employees to return to duty after violations
How to find a substance abuse professional within time
Preventing Substance Abuse at work without any external help but acquired knowledge
Submitting annual drug and alcohol testing data to DOT



Course Content

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