Supervisor 60/60 Drug and Alcohol Training



02 Hours


Course Overview

This course has been designed by transport industry insiders, researchers, CTPAs, and professionals who have worked closely with the DOT and FMCSA as per 49 CFR 382. It helps supervisors recognize the signs, and symptoms of drug abuse at work and effectively assess employees for their Reasonable Suspicious Behavior. It educates them on the various performance indicators that enable them to identify alcohol misuse and controlled substance abuse in the workplace. This Supervisor training course teaches you how to improve workplace safety, and ensures that your employees are motivated, happy, and productive. It also lists down the many approaches to avoid unnecessary legal liabilities. The syllabus has been created to enable your supervisors to: · Recognize all immediate safety concerns · Identify potential substance abuse · Confront employees or co-workers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol · Document reasonable suspicion situations properly

What will I learn?

Role and responsibilities of a Supervisor.
DOT Drug and Alcohol Policy and Testing Regulations.
Comprehensive Information about 5-panel drugs: Amphetamine, Phencyclidine, Opiates, Cocaine, and Marijuana.
Details of Alcohol Abuse and its effects at work.
Understanding workplace Testing Procedures and Rules.
Assist in conducting workplace Tests.
Assess employees effectively for Reasonable Suspicious Behaviors.
A better understanding and management of alcohol and drug use and abuse at work.
Navigate through Employee Confrontation.
Encourage employees to commit to a drug and Alcohol free workplace.
Building a detailed Employee Assistance and Support Plan.
Record-Keeping of Employee Test.



Course Content

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