What are Electronic Logging Devices? (ELD)



04 Minutes


Course Overview

This course module sheds light on the importance of using modern and advanced electronic logging devices (ELDs) that have been mandatory by the FMCSA and DOT for commercial trucks and buses working across the U.S. This course will explain to drivers how electronic logging devices automatically record driving time and also help them maintain Hours of Service (HOS) records for DOT compliance purposes. It also educates drivers on how to use the ELD to collect data related to the vehicle's engine, movement, and miles traveled. When maintaining fleet compliance, going through inspections, and route planning, drivers can use the ELD and stay up to date in real-time.

What will I learn?

The multiple components ELDs are made up of
How to use a truck-connected vehicle tracking device
The importance of fleet management software
How to accurately record driving time for Hours of Service (HOS)
Learning to manage and record ignition status, vehicle location, and miles traveled
The numerous FMCSA exemptions for certain categories of drivers
How using this device increases driver safety and saves lives
They will learn how to Simplify Records of Duty Status (RODS)
Eliminate complicated and extensive paper logbooks



Course Content

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