Military Transition Program: From Service To The Trucking Industry 

Military veterans will be surprised to know that even the White House is pushing for this move. Yes, the president wants more and more veterans to enter the trucking industry. People view it as a means to enhance overall safety in the trucking sector and as a solution to address the country’s supply chain challenges and infrastructure issues. Currently, various military transition program are in development, aiming to provide veterans with not only dignified employment after retiring from active duty but also a renewed sense of purpose.

Combating The Rising Unemployment Rate

If you look at the US Army Transition Assistant Program/ Military Transition Program, it talks about giving employment to veterans and army personnel who have served the nation and deserve a better life. In recent months, the entire country has suffered a lot due to supply chain disruptions first because of the pandemic and then because of the growing tensions between the US and China. The government has also started several training initiatives that help direct job seekers to the trucking industry. There are third-party online training portals and certifications too that work just as well to impart them with relevant knowledge.

Trucking Action Plan 

Everybody talks about the Trucking Action Plan which aims to strengthen the workforce of America. It is going to impact veterans who have just completed their active duties and also thousands of retired service members and their spouses directly. Trucking-specific classes are being organized by several third-party training institutions and government-aided institutions as well. Do you know that the Department of Labor already has a 90-day trucking program for aspiring army veterans?

Military transition program have been proven to be quite effective in a few states across the country where they have been implemented on an experimental basis. They are also a great enabler for military professionals as they try to transition into civilian life. With these courses, there is very little need for any initial counseling. These courses also allow army and defense force veterans to acquire career readiness standards so that they can have a satisfying life becoming a part of the trucking industry.

At The Moment, The American Trucking Industry Is Looking For The Following Characteristics In A Retired Military Professional Aspiring To Have A Satisfying And Adventurous Trucking Career

1. Leadership Qualities

Becoming a commercial vehicle driver or truck driver will require leadership qualities. The veteran will also have to display unmatched discipline and very strong resolve. Because they might have to deal with complicated situations while working on the highway and would also have to make critical decisions in the case of hazmat handling, they must be able to exhibit exceptional leadership qualities so that they can make a valuable addition to the trucking company they join.

2. Ability To Work As A Team Member

Military veterans are known to work as team members and they also understand the importance of co-ordinated effort. Their experience will help them become far better team players once they transition from their service to the trucking sector. Somebody who has both leadership qualities and the ability to work as a part of a team will definitely thrive in this sector. Needless to say, there is also a very strong sense of community among trucking professionals which is very difficult to come by in any other industry.

3. Sense Of Commitment

This is another very important characteristic that the retired army professional must exhibit. The commitment becomes even bigger when there are goods of critical importance to be transported from one location to another. The veterans are expected to remain focused throughout the tasks that have been assigned to them, fulfilling all their duties, following the hours of service rules, vehicle inspection guidelines, and more. Given that they are also able to filter out distractions very easily, it again makes them a highly suitable candidate for the trucking business.

4. Physical Strength

As someone belonging to the armed forces and an individual who likes to keep in shape, you are going to do wonders in the trucking industry. Just connect with your Military Transition Program manager and it will be easier for you to find out the many fitness parameters that a truck driver has to comply with. It makes entering the transport sector easier for the candidate.

5. Obtaining A Commercial Driver’s License

This should be relatively easier for an army veteran. Obtaining a commercial driver’s license is the most important step for which they will have to study for the critical written exam. Then is the skills test that they have to appear for before they are able to earn their commercial driver’s license. They will also have to decide the classification of the CDL that they would need for the desired trucking role.

Class A License

One would need this license if they want to operate any combination of vehicles with a gross weight rating of at least 26,001 LBS or more.

Class B License

You need this license to operate a single vehicle weighing 26,001 pounds or more and when using it to tow a vehicle weighing 10,000 pounds or more.

Class C License

You need this license when the vehicle you plan to drive doesn’t meet the criteria outlined in Class A or Class B, or if your transportation involves at least 16 passengers, including the driver, or any hazardous materials.

What Will Be Life On The Road Like?

For any army veteran, this job in the trucking industry might seem to be the most ideal career option. It is because truck driving is not just a job but a lifetime. It is full of adventure and sightseeing as well. You don’t just deliver goods and cargo but also smiles across the country. When you commit to providing this service for long hours, you are keeping the economy and the supply chain of the country functional. For most drivers the amount of satisfaction that they are able to derive from this job is unparalleled.

In the end, trucking professionals are able to create a rather significant amount of wealth if they are regular in their jobs and follow the DOT compliance requirements throughout the year. They become an important resource not only for the trucking company but for society as a whole.

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