2024 DOT Drug & Alcohol Reporting System Changes: What Employers Should Know

According to the US DOT, there will be a few changes in how safety-sensitive employers will be reporting their company’s drug and alcohol testing data. Does it spell trouble or complications for you? Let’s find out.

From 1st January 2024, things are going to change for your company. All the DOT-regulated employers around the country will find it mandatory by 49 CFR Part 40 to submit their annual drug and alcohol testing data only through Login.gov. 

Now, this “Login.gov” is raising a lot of eyebrows but there is nothing to worry about. It is a highly secure sign-in service used to sign into various participating government agencies’ systems. A lot of employers use it and there is no charge or fee for that.

Getting Started With Login.Gov Is Easier Than You Think

As a DOT-regulated employer, it is important for you to have a current Login.gov account, and you must do the needful if you don’t. In the absence of this account, you will receive an email or letter. This is usually addressed to the Designated Employer Representative (DER).

This correspondence from the US DOT is going to contain a 32-digit code that you will have to enter on the Management Information System (MIS) website. You will open this email and then will be directed to the Login.gov website where you will create an account. Then you just have to verify your email address. Do remember to create a strong password when prompted for the same. You will complete the process by choosing an authentication method that will secure your account.

If you already have a Login.gov account, you can just sign in as you do regularly. Most employers would find that they do have this account because registering for the FMCSA Clearinghouse also requires them to have it.

Something Important To Remember 

You will have to register the Designated Employer Representative (DER) for your company without fail. You must also ensure that your company’s information is safe, well-guarded, and easily accessible in case that person leaves or is not available for any reason.

Once you have entered the MIS system, you and all other employers are expected to enter drug and alcohol information the same way it is always done.

So, this MIS reporting functionality is an enabler of sorts for the Department of Transportation. It allows them to assess the overall health of the safety-sensitive workplace testing program that employers have implemented in their organizations. This is a major step in the direction of enhancing workplace safety and compliance for industry players all over the country.

Source: United States Department of Transportation Bulletin