7 Compelling Reasons To Pick A Rigorous Drug & Alcohol Training Program

Drug and alcohol training seems to be one of the many hot topics that a lot of transport and logistics companies discuss these days. This is because implementing such a program at their workplace is a great way to ensure the safety and well-being of all their employees and workers. It is not going to be easy for you to identify each individual in your company who might be struggling with any kind of drug or alcohol addiction.

It is also not possible for you to go about performing your daily business activities without educating and training your employees and workers on the various rules and regulations laid down by the Department of Transportation regarding drug and alcohol consumption at work. You are going to need a proper training module for all your employees and workers. Your supervisors and floor managers including all safety-sensitive position holders might be included in this program as well because even they are responsible for operating critical machinery on several occasions. 

So you might find it useful to train and educate them on how to avoid drug and alcohol usage at work and also how to identify individuals who might be under the influence of these substances. It helps you ensure the safety and well-being of your workforce. The following section lists some of the very obvious benefits of online drug and alcohol training programs that are available these days. Let’s have a look:

1. Increased Productivity

Choosing the right online training for drug and alcohol for your employees is the first and one of the most efficient steps to improve their activity. According to research, employees who struggle with substance abuse are not able to focus or think more clearly while at work. They also do not understand the impact of drug and alcohol use and abuse on their work performance and the reputation of the enterprise that day work in.

2. Better Safety For Everyone

Once you reduce the instances of drug and alcohol use and abuse at the workplace, you make it safe for everyone to work in your company. Employees under the influence of any kind of substance are highly likely to act recklessly and also eventually end up harming other people around them. Their motor skills and cognitive abilities are compromised and therefore, it is not safe to let them operate any heavy or critical machinery at all.

3. Improved Behavior

Enrolling your employees and workers in a reliable and high-quality online drug and alcohol training program also ensures that their overall behavior improves over time. These training modules are enough to generate a sense of responsibility within them. Because these courses are educational and informative enough, they invoke accountability in them and impact their overall conduct at the workplace and their etiquette with other employees as well.

4. Detoxification

Helping your employees, drivers, workers, and safety-sensitive position holders should also be one of your responsibilities, especially if any of them struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. You can recommend correctional courses to them and also facilitate counseling sessions for them after having identified their drug and alcohol-related issues. As an employer, you can easily set them on a path to detoxify their body and mind. This ensures that they can return to work completely rejuvenated and more active than before.

5. Enough Ground For Behavioral Therapy

Now there will be a few employees and machinery operating personnel that you don’t want to lose. You would want them to enroll in behavioral therapy that can help them mend broken relationships with not just the middle level and upper management but also their co-workers and friends at the workplace. Behavior therapy sessions also help your employees develop coping mechanisms, especially when they are trying to get out of their alcohol and drug-related problems. These therapy sessions also allow the employer to dig deeper into the root cause of the problem that might be causing these issues in the workplace and eradicate them once and for all.

6. Appropriate Medication

Remember, the right online DOT drug and alcohol training program is also going to enable you to find and suggest the most useful medication for your employees and workers. It is very common for safety-sensitive position holders and commercial motor vehicle drivers to suffer from some kind of psychiatric disorders, depression, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, and other related issues, especially when they are dealing with drug and alcohol-related troubles. The right program or policy can help you ascertain what kind of medication is required for each individual. This helps you prevent future lapses easily.

7. Follow Up Testing And Interview

Follow-up testing and interviews are very important because they are also another preventive measure to avoid relapse. They are also a vital part of your overall drug and alcohol training program at work. As the employer, it will be your responsibility to regularly encourage your employees to participate in offline and online support groups so that they can stay on the right path. It becomes even more critical if several of your critical employees are going through a rehabilitation process.

Drug And Alcohol Testing Programs – Direct Impact On Your Employees

The biggest impact on your employees is going to be the cultivation of a sense of belongingness and community. By ensuring that each one of them is enrolled in this program/policy, you will be communicating to them that their health and well-being matter to you a lot. It is not only about safeguarding the reputation of your company but also protecting them against the harm that the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol at work can result in. It is a matter of not only their safety and well-being but also their personal growth as human beings. The day your employees understand this, you will notice a massive change in their attitude and their sense of responsibility as well.

How The Right Drug And Alcohol Testing Policy Protects Your Business

In the end, implementing a suitable and highly personalized drug and alcohol testing program in your workplace protects everybody and the interests and reputation of your business as well. Remember, substance abuse is not going to be as big a challenge as the attitude of your employees and workers. You have to start working right at the root cause of the problem. Become more reachable to your employees. Start having conversations with them. Build a relationship with them that allows them to open up to you and make them more willing to commit to the safety of everybody at work. This is the right approach to implementing a friendly and compassionate drug and alcohol training program across your organization.

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